Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd.

"The Power of Packaging Unleashed!"

Square plastic containers are equipped with handles and have square or rectangle-shaped lids. These containers are more preferable because they optimize space better than round pails. Made of heavy-duty durable plastic, these pails are useful for dry or liquid storage.

We are pioneers in the field of In-Mold label decoration in India. Our position as market leaders in Indian plastic packaging industry is a result of various competitive advantages.

We are a progressive ISO 9001-2015 certified company based in Hyderabad, India, involved in the manufacture of high quality plastic packaging products. MTPL became a publicly listed in both BSE & NSE.

With over two decades of experience in rigid plastic packaging in India, we have strived over the years to build on our strengths and provide high quality end to end solutions.

Product-Centric packaging and Customizability

  • In-house tool room with latest CNCs, Jig boring and sparking machines supported by the latest CAD/CAM facilities enable faster mold development.
  • Different products need different packaging features. We address these needs by developing various packaging solutions meeting stringent product specifications.
  • Quick design, manufacture and maintenance of molds with high precision enables us shorter lead time.
  • We offer flexible order volumes ranging from very low to huge quantities.


Mold-Tek has world class integrated facility right from product inception to Mold designing, processing and decorating the products. MTPL has seven processing plants, three stock points and around 70 injection molding machines. We offer range of decorating processes and product sizes to cater to the needs of clients. All the plants of Mold-tek are ISO certified.

Outstanding Quality

  • Using best suitable raw material and master batches, uniform wall thickness and unmatched structural strength, we provide unparalleled services.
  • Systematic online quality control, clean rooms and hands-free operations - ensure world class quality.

On-time delivery

  • Strong manufacturing presence and vast infrastructure with a processing capacity of about 18000 MT per year and over 70 injection molding machines, seven manufacturing plants and three stock points spread across India in order to ensure timely delivery.
  • Reduced mold down time due to quick mold maintenance through in-house tool room and hence zero supply blackouts.

Significant cost advantage

  • Due to our wide sales and distribution spread and reduced transportation costs, we offer excellent quality at competitive prices.
  • Reduction of mold costs, reduced wastage and optimal usage of raw material translate into supply at competitive prices without compromising quality.

Integrated services from inception to product delivery involving

  • Product Design, 3D rendering and Animation
  • Rapid Product and Mold Development
  • Suitable Robot development
  • Developing Creative artworks for Decoration
  • Cylinder manufacturing and Prototypes
  • In-house label manufacturing to control cost of IML
  • ERP for easy monitoring and logistics

Digital IML

Unique QR coded IML with partially peel-able feature gives tremendous scope to customers

Moldtek supplies each container with 2 unique QR codes – one on the surface and another under the peel off. Top QR provides Unique identity while beneath QR gives loyalty benefits

The surface QR code will be used for Trace & Track / pushing information content
After purchase, the Buyer peel off & Scan the QR code on the reverse of the label.
Peeled => Used once Replace coupons & manage promotions
One time peel off feature will provide Authenticity
Track & Trace through the distribution supply chain
Embed new-age Promotions through QR code scans
Push Information & Training content on the dynamic QR code