The packaging industry is facing constant challenges from segments who market counterfeit or fake goods. This can adversely affect the brand image and thereby the salability of the product. So protecting the contents of a packaged product has become the need of the hour. At Mold-Tek, we ensure that our packs are protected from counterfeiting using our advanced technologies.

Square Container

Square plastic containers are equipped with handles and have square or rectangle-shaped lids. These containers are more preferable because they optimize space better than round pails. Made of heavy-duty durable plastic, these pails are useful for dry or liquid storage.

5l Square Container

Photographic IML decoration

  •  World class In-mold label decoration using ROBOTS for scratch resistant permanent branding
  •  Attractive display in modern trade - better brand visibility

Tamper Proof and Stackable

  •  Tamper proof spout and cap to safe guard contents and your brand image
  •  Stackable and space saving – Saves transport costs

Multi Utility Container

  •  Unique square container- More advertising space on all sides
  •  Airtight container with pull up spout and handle

Extendable Spout Resistant for Easy pouring

  •  Extendable spout allowing easy pouring of oils
  •  7 ISO plants across India with more than 70 injection molding machines to ensure timely delivery

15l Square Container

Revolutionary Edible Oil packaging

  •  Food grade plastic container with IML decoration
  •  Hygienic, convenient, airtight and tamper proof container

Brand Recall

  •  Multiple Utility container
  •  Scratch resistant permanent branding- stays longer in consumer’s memory
  •  Wide-mouth container provides easy access to contents

Brand visibility and image

  •  Photographic IML decoration sets exclusive brand image compared to tin and blow molded packs
  •  Unique square shape enables attractive display in modern trade
  •  More advertising space on all sides
  •  IML offers bar coding


  •  Stackable and space saving- Saves transport costs
  •  Suitable for automatic filling lines
  •  Contamination free- robotic molding in clean room
  •  Pull-up spout and handle for easy pouring